Customized Service

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We remain available to meet with clients regularly, in person and/or over the phone, to evaluate current events and their potential impacts on clients’ investment objectives. This helps determine whether the investment strategy in place continues to be in line with the clients’ world views. It is important to us that clients explore their personal philosophies, so they can be actively engaged in the strategies behind the management of their investments.

Our holistic approach is intended to simplify our clients’ financial lives by reducing the stress of bill paying, bookkeeping, managing property, filing insurance claims and organizing paperwork.

We review outside holdings such as insurance, real estate, mineral interests, precious metals, and bank deposits. These investments are taken into consideration when determining an appropriate stock, bond and/or private investment allocation.

All client assets are held by independent, financially sound, third party custodians. These institutions are subject to regulatory requirements.

We are a fee-only firm, which means our charges for services are based on the dollar value of assets under management. We do not sell products or receive commissions so there are no conflicts of interest. As a full-service firm, there are no extra charges for financial and estate planning assistance.