Multi-Generational Approach

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Some of the challenges for our high net worth clients include preparing their children to handle wealth responsibly, to live up to their potential, and to lead healthy, productive lives.

In regular offsite family meetings, we guide members of each generation through fun and challenging activities to help individuals gain financial literacy and knowledge. Emphasis is placed on hands-on experience to assist young adults with the responsibility of handling money.

We excel in a unique brand of multi-generational stewardship focused on wealth preservation. This includes gauging the financial educational level, philanthropic giving tendencies and leadership potential of each family member to help prepare the next generation in preserving the family’s core beliefs and values.

We offer retreats oriented toward the needs of specific generations. These meetings cover topics ranging from politics, markets, ethics, behavioral economics, sustainability, charitable giving, and lifestyle choices. We also review the fundamentals of budgeting and career planning.

Families tend to grow apart over time. Through regularly scheduled group discussions, we strive to help groups maintain cohesion and open communication.