Private Real Estate Investing

A Grassy Field

One aspect of protecting our client’s assets over long periods of time is providing them with alternative investments that are not tied to the ebbs and flows of the public markets. Many of our accredited investors seek broader diversification for their portfolios and come to us for creative ways to attain consistent income streams and prospects for capital appreciation. Since the early 2000s, we have provided opportunities for our clients to achieve income and appreciation goals through private real estate investments*. Through our extensive connections across the country, we seek to uncover unique commercial real estate deals that allow our clients to take equity positions and/or make loans to real estate professionals with the objective of receiving steady income and growth.

Our goal is to provide as much protection of capital as possible for our investors’ funds through a conservative approach to valuing real estate as collateral. The privately funded loans offer the speed and convenience that commercial real estate borrowers need. Most of the real estate professionals that we have developed relationships with come to us exclusively and would rather deal with our firm than banks and other slow and costly lenders. These long-term relationships provide us with investment opportunities for our clients that they would be unable to find elsewhere.

This approach not only provides income streams and chances for capital appreciation that are hard to find in traditional market vehicles but also gives our group the ability to support vibrant projects across the country and stimulate local economies that need creative sources of funding. We work directly with successful professionals in the real estate industry and feel strongly about assisting in their entrepreneurial careers along with the many interesting projects they uncover for us.

We look forward to sitting down with you to determine if any of our group’s past, present or future private real estate investments may be suitable as additional diversification to your custom- tailored portfolio.

*Please Note: Private investment funds generally involve various risk factors, including, but not limited to, potential for complete loss of principal, liquidity constraints and lack of transparency, a complete discussion of which is set forth in each fund’s offering documents, which will be provided to each client for review and consideration. Unlike liquid investments that a client may own, private investment funds do not provide daily liquidity or pricing. Each client investor will be required to complete a Subscription Agreement and Private Fund Acknowledgment, pursuant to which the client shall establish that he/she is qualified for investment in the fund, and acknowledges and accepts the various risk factors that are associated with such an investment.