About Us

Trust in our team. Trust in your wealth. Trust in the future.

We built our team around our clients and their respective needs. We strive every day to provide a high level of service and to maintain meaningful relationships with each client. We play an important part in their inner circle—guiding families, retirees, and entrepreneurs toward long-term financial security. As a group, our teamʼs diverse experiences allow us to deepen our understanding of individual goals and to provide comprehensive solutions. Our passion for people and community, strong local ties, and global world views add to our clientsʼ experience.

We take a team-oriented approach expanding resources across all money-related matters. Collaborating with outside professionals enables us to better manage our clientsʼ wealth and create a circle of success. Open communication plays an integral part in the relationships we have with our clients and their chosen professionals.

Beyond access to our team for your personal and familyʼs financial and investment needs, we are passionate about offering in-person events and live webinars across a range of investing and life-planning topics presented by highly-qualified speakers. We believe continuous financial education benefits everyone. As well, it builds confidence enabling our clients to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts throughout our wealth management relationship.

In addition to events and webinars, consistent client communication is key. Our quarterly Market Update provides market analysis, topical content written by members of our team, as well as notable staff updates. We hold a Quarterly Tea, in both virtual and in-person forums, allowing participants to ask questions about the markets, the global economy, and specific sectors or investments. We collaborate with non-profits and community leaders to present both educational and networking events that align with our passion for empowering people and giving back to the community in which we work and live.

The Rikoon Group