Robert A. Rikoon


Robert Rikoon

In 1987, Rob founded Rikoon Investment Advisors, Inc. and, in 2007, the firm joined Sanders Morris Harris to become The Rikoon Group, LLC. Rob graduated Cum Laude from Harvard University in 1977 with a Bachelors of Arts degree. He earned an MBA from the University of New Mexico. Prior to founding The Rikoon Group in 1987, Rob managed the Trust Department for First Interstate Bank (Roswell, NM) and West One Bank in Coeur d’Alene, ID.

Rob often uses his in-depth knowledge and background in trusts to assist clients with various aspects of their family’s financial affairs. Responsible for overseeing the firm’s investment portfolios, he helps develop strategy and chooses public and private securities for clients. Rob has developed a team of younger, highly motivated portfolio managers whose number one priority is to help up-and-coming generations understand and benefit from family assets for decades to come.

He is the author of Managing Family Trusts: Taking Control of Inherited Wealth, published by J. Wiley and Sons in 1999. Outside of the office, Rob is an egg tempera painter, focusing on figures in landscapes. He participates in various outdoor activities and is also a student of Vedanta.
Cell (505) 690-2254