Portfolio Strategy

Every person has unique needs based on their personal situation and goals. We provide customized services, and create unique portfolios designed and managed to achieve an individual’s specific objectives. We find, analyze and explain the opportunities and dangers inherent in each kind of investment: cash, precious metals, active and passive real estate, private businesses and… Continued

Multi-Generational Approach

Some of the challenges for our high net worth clients include preparing their children to handle wealth responsibly, to live up to their potential, and to lead healthy, productive lives. In regular offsite family meetings, we guide members of each generation through fun and challenging activities to help individuals gain financial literacy and knowledge. Emphasis… Continued

Customized Service

We remain available to meet with clients regularly, in person and/or over the phone, to evaluate current events and their potential impacts on clients’ investment objectives. This helps determine whether the investment strategy in place continues to be in line with the clients’ world views. It is important to us that clients explore their personal… Continued

Longevity Planning

Redefining the traditional retirement conversation to refocus on our modern “longevity journey” doesn’t simplify life. Instead, it forces us to make choices that are more deliberate and conscious since with medical advances, the likelihood of living into one’s 80s is very high. We challenge clients to broaden their perspective, and our goal is to inspire… Continued

Preservation of Capital

Just as every investor has their own unique world view, we have a specific orientation towards the trade-off between risk and return. There are three possible goals that every investor can have in respect to their assets: growth, income, or safety/capital preservation. Of course, everyone wants to achieve all three of these desired outcomes and… Continued

Private Trust Companies

Our client families generally have several key desires regarding multi-generational planning. These desires, prioritized differently by each client, include some form of governance structure for family trusts, privacy, control and flexibility. The Rikoon Group can help arrange for trust administration and long range management of unusual assets all the while aiding the family’s promotion of social… Continued

Environmental and Socially Responsible Investing

Here at the Rikoon Group, we have a long history of socially responsible and sustainable investing. Our firm was the first Registered Independent Advisory company in New Mexico to specialize in finding publicly traded companies that incorporate high standards for their environmental impact, social values, and corporate governance.  We believe that not only can we… Continued

Private Real Estate Investing

One aspect of protecting our client’s assets over long periods of time is providing them with alternative investments that are not tied to the ebbs and flows of the public markets.  Many of our accredited investors seek broader diversification for their portfolios and come to us for creative ways to attain consistent income streams and… Continued