Fall Commentary – 2020

This transcript is from our client tea, held on September 24th, 2020. Rob: Let’s talk about what we know and what we don’t know about COVID and its economic effect. What we do know is that the economy had a huge contraction, 31.7% in the second quarter. It then recovered in the third quarter, about… Continued

Summer Commentary – 2020

This  transcript is from our client tea, held on June 18th, 2020. Rob: Hopefully, everyone has been finding some silver linings upside in this time of COVID, perhaps more family time, more gardening time or just more time to enjoy where we are and whom we are with! Thank you everyone, for taking the time… Continued

Spring Commentary – 2020

*An audio recording of this written Commentary maybe found on our website using the following link: https://rikoongroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/audacity-wednesday-tea.mp3 Rob: Thanks, everyone, for joining. We have a live audience and we have a virtual live audience, which is wonderful. We’re going to talk about what’s going on in the world with the virus, the economy and the… Continued

Winter Commentary – 2020

*Excerpts from December 5, 2019 Quarterly Tea* Rob: Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome. Our format for these discussions is generally pretty open. Let’s see what is on people’s mind to get a sense of where we should start. Gary: I’m interested in the article in last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal about U.S. corporate debt being at… Continued

Fall Commentary – 2019

Introduction This quarter’s commentary will be in a new format, more conversational, as we attempt to bring the flavor of our in-person gatherings to readers. We want to make everyone aware that we have a new employee at the Rikoon Group and begin by introducing Elizabeth Hook, who joined us from the Gerald Peters organization.… Continued

Spring Commentary – 2019

The Markets The first quarter of 2019 was very profitable for stock investors around the globe. After falling sharply during the last months of 2018, stocks had their best quarterly gain in nearly 10 years because central banks around the world reversed course and abandoned their well-publicized efforts to instill discipline into government borrowing and… Continued

Winter Commentary – 2019

The Markets The world’s stock markets went wild with dramatic swings during the fourth quarter of 2018. Investors pulled $76 billion out of stocks in December alone, the most ever for that month. On Christmas Eve, the 10-year bull market almost came to an end, but then, “miraculously”, recovered.  With substantial volatility becoming the norm,… Continued

Fall Commentary – 2018

The Markets U.S. stocks had a great three months during the 3rd quarter, propelled by favorable corporate profit reports and overall good economic news. The tax overhaul bill passed late last year, which cut the corporate tax rate sharply, has sent company profits up and their share prices reflect these benefits. The Dow Jones 30… Continued

Summer Commentary – 2018

The Markets There is an eerie sense in the market these days as five mega-technology companies power higher while the rest of the stock universe is treading water or floundering. The big five are Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Alphabet (formally Google). The technology index to which these companies belong advanced 6.3% during the second… Continued

Spring Commentary – 2018

    The Markets This year started off like a roller coaster. Following the strongest performance of any January in recent history, the world stock markets, particularly the U.S., plunged steeply in February and since then on an almost daily basis. Volatility long since forgotten has returned with fervor.  During the first quarter, the Dow… Continued