The Rikoon Group guides families, non-profit organizations and business enterprises toward financial security, independence, and long-term sustainability.

Our Goals

  • Meet clients’ present & future financial, intellectual, and social needs in an ethical way
  • Maximize cash flow and appreciation using a variety of investment vehicles
  • Reconcile competing needs for safety, income & appreciation
  • Minimize income & estate taxes
  • Bring families together using positive and inspiring models of personal growth
  • Protect a family’s wealth across generations

Our Services

  • Customized Portfolio Management
  • Estate Planning Assistance
  • Trust Advice
  • Cash Spending Analysis
  • Income Tax and Insurance Review
  • Multi-Generational Counseling
  • Financial Education for the Entire Family
  • Coordination of Financial Affairs with Other Professionals
  • Business Consulting
  • Private Real Estate Investing Opportunities
  • ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and Sustainable Investing
  • Property Management